As a certified Permaculture Designer and Teacher, I am quite excited to be able to offer this service to my local community.  Permaculture is an ethically-based, ecological design system.  The word "Permaculture" was coined in the 1970's by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren as the combination of the words permanent and agri(culture).  Since then, it has grown as both a science and a movement within which humans are re-learning how to live in harmony with nature.  It is my mission to break down the perceived barriers between humans and nature.  If you are interested in getting a few garden tips or redesigning your entire property, I would be honored to help. 

      Consultations are billed on a sliding scale from $30-$60/hour.  Unique Design Projects are priced individually.  Simply call or email the contact on the bottom of this page to schedule a time.